Industrial Power

Industrial Power

Proven Reliability

At the heart of every great product is a great engine — one that powers through day after day, month after month, year after year. That kind of reliability doesn't happen by chance. It's the result of proven designs, quality manufacturing and extensive validation.

Cat industrial engines go through a wide range of tests in both everyday and extreme conditions. In addition to laboratory and cold chamber testing, that includes real-world validation - all to make sure their performance and uptime meet your high expectations.


Premium Cat Power Equipment

Get peace of mind by investing in fully customized, factory-tested industrial power products with Caterpillar warranties. 

  • Industrial Diesel Engines
  • Industrial Diesel Power Units
  • Diesel Fire Pumps

Customized Industrial Power Solutions

Caterpillar may be an engine supplier, but supplying an engine is just part of the commitment to you. Long before a product ever rolls off your assembly line, our application teams work with your engineers to determine the exact specifications, custom options and design plans that help ease your development time and costs.

Once your product is in production, Empire is your go-to resource for everything from installation support to troubleshooting to in-the-field service. 

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